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  • Watch 85,000 Historic Newsreel Films from British Pathé Free Online (1910-2008)

    While “the newsreel may be history,” notes the National Endowment for the Humanities, “vast collections of it remain, much of it unseen.” One such collection resides at the archives of British Pathé, “a treasure trove of 85,000 films unrivaled in their historical significance.”

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  • Explore Ancient Athens 3D, a Digital Reconstruction of the Greek City-State at the Height of Its Influence

    Thanks to the last dozen years of work by photographer and visual effects artist Dimitris Tsalkanis, we can experience Athens as it might have been in the form of Ancient Athens 3D.

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  • BBC – Art of Germany

    Three-part series in which Andrew Graham-Dixon explores German art, examining the country’s unique national style and 500-year cultural legacy

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  • Everyday Pyongyang | 2x speed | Koryo Tours

    From Koryo Tours – driving through Pyongyang DPRK, at 2X speed: Starting Point: Yongung Street (Potong River District) Finishing Point: Puhung Metro Station (Pyongchon District)

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  • Life on China’s low-speed trains

    An interesting photo gallery of what life is like on China’s slow trains.

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  • Uzbek Journeys – Soviet Metro Stations

    “Anyone interested in Soviet design will love this book. Christopher Herwig – who put together the splendid two-volume series “Soviet Bus Stops” – has  photographed the stations of each Metro network of the former USSR.”

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  • Emergency German banknote designs

    “During the first world war and the ensuing economic crisis, many German towns issued notgeld, or emergency money, to combat cash shortages. The designs range from local fairytales and legends to political messages.”

    Some fantastic designs pictured in this online gallery, especially one issued by the Braunschweig public transport authority in 1921.

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  • Traffic Officers in North Korea

    The iconic women who direct Pyongyang’s cars.

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  • 1986 article on the death of vinyl

    Interesting article from 1986 to contrast with the article from The Age below on the resurgence of vinyl records.

    What’s old is new again.

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  • Step back in time: LPs to outstrip CDs for first time in 33 (and 1/3) years

    (Paywall) article on the resurgence of vinyl record sales.

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