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  • The Mysteries of Sleep

    “Neurologist Dr Guy Leschziner explores medical causes of sleep deprivation or disruption and their consequences.”

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  • IMF Paper: Leverage – A Broader View

    “Traditional measures of leverage in the financial system tend to reflect bank balance sheet data. The paper argues that these traditional, bank-centric measures should be augmented by considering pledged collateral in the financial system since pledged collateral provides a measure of an important part of nonbank funding to banks.”

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  • BBC Interview with Paul Banks of Interpol

    The frontman of Interpol speaks to the BBC. Influenced by a range of bands including Nirvana and The Cure.

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  • What keeps the Chanceller of the Exchequer awake at night

    BBC Program (29 minutes): “If you’re the Chancellor of the Exchequer, worrying about where the next financial crisis might come from, what keeps you awake at night?”

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  • TED Talk: Record Collectors and Cultural Archivists

    “For generations, record collectors have played a vital role in the preservation of musical and cultural heritage by “digging” for obscure music created by overlooked artists.”

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  • The Ghan – 17hr broadcast

    “Cruelly tasked with sitting through Australia’s first foray into ‘slow TV’, Naaman Zhou finds The Ghan both mesmerising and rewarding”

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  • REM: 25 years since Automatic For The People

    REM reflect on 25 years since ‘Automatic For The People’ was released in 1991.

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  • TED Blog Article: 40 Idioms That Can’t Be Translated Literally

    Potentially useful when travelling. Funny to read.

    Our favourite:

    The idiom: Tomaten auf den Augen haben.
    Literal translation: “You have tomatoes on your eyes.”

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  • NPR: 50 Best Albums of 2017

    “Consensus wasn’t easy in 2017.”

    Well that depends on who you ask…This is a link to NPR Music’s list of the best albums of 2017.

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  • Art Dealer, Ray Hughes does ‘Sunday Brunch’ with Simon Marnie

    Ray Hughes died earlier this month, aged 72.

    “Listen to Ray’s life and career as he does Sunday Brunch with Simon Marnie”.

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