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  • The Ghan – 17hr broadcast

    “Cruelly tasked with sitting through Australia’s first foray into ‘slow TV’, Naaman Zhou finds The Ghan both mesmerising and rewarding”

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  • REM: 25 years since Automatic For The People

    REM reflect on 25 years since ‘Automatic For The People’ was released in 1991.

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  • TED Blog Article: 40 Idioms That Can’t Be Translated Literally

    Potentially useful when travelling. Funny to read.

    Our favourite:

    The idiom: Tomaten auf den Augen haben.
    Literal translation: “You have tomatoes on your eyes.”

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  • NPR: 50 Best Albums of 2017

    “Consensus wasn’t easy in 2017.”

    Well that depends on who you ask…This is a link to NPR Music’s list of the best albums of 2017.

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  • Art Dealer, Ray Hughes does ‘Sunday Brunch’ with Simon Marnie

    Ray Hughes died earlier this month, aged 72.

    “Listen to Ray’s life and career as he does Sunday Brunch with Simon Marnie”.

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  • Boston Fed Paper: Credit Card Utilization and Consumption over the Life Cycle and Business Cycle

    Nearly 80 percent of U.S. adults have a credit card, and more than half of them revolve their debt from month to month. Using a large sample of credit bureau data, this paper documents a tight link between available credit (the limit) and credit card debt, and then it offers a model-based interpretation of this linkage.

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  • IMF Working Paper – ‘Resolving China’s Zombies: Tackling Debt and Raising Productivity’

    Nonviable “zombie” firms have become a key concern in China. Using novel firm-level industrial survey data, this paper illustrates the central role of zombies and their strong linkages with stateowned enterprises (SOEs) in contributing to debt vulnerabilities and low productivity.

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  • Laika the Space Dog

    The Russian street dog was the first living creature to orbit the Earth. She was sent into space in November 1957. She died after orbiting the Earth four times. Professor Victor Yazdovsky was nine years old when his father brought Laika back from the laboratory to play with him. He has been speaking to Olga Smirnova for Witness.

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  • Build Your Dreams – Electric Cars

    Chinese Electric Carmaker Aims To Become A Global Brand

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  • Buzkashi

    In buzkashi, Afghanistan’s violent and ancient national pastime, riders battle for control of an animal corpse that they carry toward a goal. Sixteen years after the U.S.-led invasion that ousted the Taliban, the sport is dominated by rival warlords who will do anything to maintain power in a turbulent country that once again is up for grabs.

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