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  • Monthly Update – May 2019

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  • Under The Radar Report

    Profile of Paul Biddle and the Celeste process in Under The Radar Report issue 341


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  • Monthly Update – April 2019

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  • Monthly Update – March 2019

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  • Monthly Update – February 2019

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  • Monthly Update – January 2019

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  • Stock Insight – Lifestyle Communities

    “Grow old with me.  The best is yet to be” ~ Robert Browning

    Lifestyle communities is a Melbourne based developer and manager of affordable independent living communities.  It capitalises upon the growing demand for affordable quality retirement living.  In this quarterly stock insight Paul Biddle, Portfolio Manager, dissects the investment case for Lifestyle.

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  • Monthly Update- December 2018

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  • AFR: Value vs growth investing: proceed with caution

    Stewart Oldfield reports in the AFR on the current dynamic between value and growth investing, picking up the recent quarterly stock insight written by Martin Byers.

    Celeste Funds Management is often described as a value manager but it argues growth or value labels are less important than seeking share price outperformance regardless of investment style.

    The fund manager recently highlighted investment platform business Netwealth as a stock often described as an expensive market darling but which it believes is likely to outperform over time.

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  • Stock Insight – Netwealth

    Growth or Value? It doesn’t matter, capturing alpha is the objective.

    This article explores the Celeste investment process with the specific example of Netwealth.

    Netwealth is a high growth stock with a high valuation.  Martin Byers, Senior Investment Analyst, explains how we see value in this investment.

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